"Stephanie opened our eyes to the value of instructional design and introduced us to the world of distance learning far beyond webinars. She showed us how to set up real learning objectives and check ourselves against those goals by implementing takeaways for attendees that really stick."

Liz Barron
Director of Education,
National Association of Corporate Director


National Association of Corporate Directors

As the only national network of directors and executives from leading public, private and nonprofit companies, NACD provides what is considered unparalleled educational offerings to help directors demonstrate leadership in corporate governance.

Challenge: When they needed some internal professional development to help their teams perform at even higher levels, they asked e3 Strategies to help develop intellectual leadership among staff with a range of experience and expertise.

Solution: e3 Strategies designed and delivered a workshop designed to challenge teams to think beyond their currently defined processes, especially as they related to decision-making.

The workshop helped NACD's staff develop a pragmatic and open approach to decision-making and showcased how "mismanaged agreement" (as defined by Dr. Jerry Harvey) can influence decision-making within a group, to the detriment of the group or organization's goals. NACD President Ken Daly said,

"We chose e3 Strategies to help our internal staff understand the concept of group-think
and how to avoid getting lost in a fog of faulty decision-making."

As part of the workshop, participants were asked to identify specific actions both the organization and individuals could take to improve decision-making. Not only did employees rate the workshop overwhelmingly positively, President Ken Daly said, "Following our workshop with e3 Strategies, there is now an appreciation for group-think and some of the challenges it presents, such as lack of intellectual leadership. Now our staff has a much better understanding of what that means and how to avoid the fog." In addition, e3 Strategies worked with NACD's educational team to help them devise a strategy for the e-Learning initiative that will provide training for their members.
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