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Writing Effectively: Business Communication
No one has the same writing issues and interests. That's why you need an expert to review your writing and coach you to higher abilities. Three popular courses – aimed at different audiences – are described below. All are available as instructor-led in-person courses or online courses with an instructor. Course objectives and outlines are available.

Essentials of Business Writing
If you're not confident in your writing and you worry about mistakes, take this course to review the rules we all learned at one time and sometimes forget. If you have a writing weakness, your coach will identify it and help you eliminate it. This course is taught as a half-day writing workshop or as an online course.
  • Sentence Essentials: Have you ever been told that you use run-on sentences, sentence fragments, or confusing clauses and phrases? We'll explain the sentence essentials you need to know in order to communicate your points clearly and effectively.
  • Punctuation and Grammar Fundamentals: Whether you have a tendency to misuse commas, abandon apostrophes, or confuse colons and semi-colons, you can learn to catch your mistakes before anyone else notices.
Write with Power
Whether you are an average writer or a strong one, you can take your writing to the next level with this flexible, practical course. This course is delivered as a one-day writing workshop or as a five-week online course. Flexible content options allow you to tailor your writing exercises to your individual needs.
  • Plan, Write, Revise™: This course takes advantage of a proven writing process for creating effective business messages.
  • Email Effectively: Get your emails opened faster, and get the response you're after with these techniques.
  • Proofread with Power: Eliminate embarrassing errors from your writing and maintain your credibility by learning how to proofread efficiently.
Advanced Business Writing
If you have the basics of writing under your belt and you'd like to progress to more advanced techniques, this is the right course for you. This course is delivered as a half-day writing workshop or as a three-week online course.
  • Plan, Write, Revise™: This course briefly introduces the Plan, Write, Revise process and shows you how to tailor it for different business writing purposes that target specific audiences and outcomes.
  • Edit Efficiently: Whether you're editing your own work, a colleague's, or someone on your staff, it pays to know how to edit correctly, diplomatically, and efficiently. Learn to edit for higher-order issues such as organization and development as well as lower-order issues such as tone and style.
Course objectives and outlines are available on request.
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