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Delegating Effectively

Delegating offers many benefits to you, your team, and your organization. It is a proven process for increasing efficiency and productivity.

This course teaches participants to recognize
their delegation strengths and weaknesses,
and to identify and apply more effective
delegation behaviors.

Delegate Decisively: Participants determine the value of their time and assess the tasks they currently perform that they could be delegating to others to save time and money, distribute skills, and allow them to focus on the more strategic work expected of them.

Manage the Process: It is important to develop the ability to explain tasks and expected outcomes. This section teaches each step in the delegation process and how to create a climate in which people expect delegation and are willing to step up to the plate.

Employ the Three Rules for Success: Participants learn to monitor the work they have delegated so they are more likely to obtain the results they expect. This includes managing reverse delegation (when someone tries to avoid doing the work he has been delegated), a common workplace problem.

Course objectives and outlines are available on request.
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