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Conducting Effective Meetings
Meetings are important events that should produce explicit business outcomes. Just calculate the time you spend in meetings in terms of salary costs, not to mention  opportunity costs, to realize how effective meetings can impact performance, efficiency, and the bottom line.

This course teaches how to design and lead effective meetings that produce results.

  • Prepare, Participate, Review/Resolve™: People sometimes call meetings without having a clearly defined set of outcomes because they don't recognize the types of meetings you can have and the objectives it is realistic to meet in each type of meeting. This proven process teaches participants to hold meetings that are worth the time they take.
  • Achieve More Than Attendance: Whether leading a meeting or participating in one, participants determine the roles and behaviors that are needed to successfully hold a meeting for specific, achievable meeting outcomes.
  • Provide Structured Activities That Deliver: Learn to engage participants and produce the outcomes needed to move forward. Practical structured activities that can be used in meetings to produce predictable and reproducible results are included. Participants learn to move beyond positions to interests, convert ideas into action items, and follow through after the meeting.
  • Maximize Virtual Meetings: Often, meeting members participate by teleconference, video conference, or webinar. Virtual meetings require some additional planning and preparation, and there are skills you can develop to make your virtual meetings more effective. This section focuses on the techniques and skills needed to make the most of virtual meetings.
Course objectives and outlines are available on request.
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