Course Focus Areas
While there are literally thousands of courses available for the working professional, we focused on five key areas when we created courses to sell and customize for clients. Our experience indicates that these address the most common and critical needs of business professionals. They include:
  1. Conducting Effective Meetings
  2. Delegating Effectively
  3. Presenting with Power
  4. Managing Performance
  5. Writing Effectively: Business Communications

All are available as instructor-led in-person courses or instructor-led online courses. Our instructors have advanced degrees and certifications in each topic and integrate the latest research into each course so that participants receive specialized knowledge and skills in the topics that they need. If you would like to provide your own instructors, we support that option.

You receive access to an experienced instructor and subject matter expert who gives participants personalized feedback and assignments that are relevant to their needs.

Our courses are branded with your logos and templates. We customize the content for your audience. We customize the content for your audience. Creating customized courses is very cost effective and ensures that all course examples, scenarios, and assignments meet your exact needs.

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