Managing Performance

This course teaches the essential elements of performance management and provides opportunities to improve the skills involved with evaluating performance, coaching, giving and receiving feedback, conducting performance appraisals, and managing effectively in multi-generation team settings.

Coaching for Performance: Participants will learn the business case for coaching others and will learn the behaviors, knowledge, and attitudes that successful performance managers demonstrate. They will also learn the main causes of poor performance and create a plan to address at least one.

Providing Feedback: Performance feedback, if given appropriately, can lead to substantial improvement in current and future performance. As participants learn about the Performance Cycle, they will use tools for setting clear expectations and ensuring others are aligned with those expectations.

This includes learning to adapt one's
approach and considering generational differences as they relate to coaching, giving feedback, and improving performance.

Dealing with Difficult Situations: Because success is often dependant on our ability to work well in all situations, this section focuses on handling difficult situations. This includes recognizing how your attitudes and actions impact others, identifying the types of resistance and learning how to respond to each one appropriately, keeping documentation, and providing corrective feedback to both those who are receptive and those who are resistant.

Conducting Performance Appraisals: Regardless of the type of processes and procedures your organization or agency uses for appraisals, there are some important lessons that apply to all appraisals. This includes recognizing the common mistakes managers make when assessing performance and using techniques for avoiding them, collecting and organizing data relevant to performance evaluations, and describing common biases and how to avoid them.

Course objectives and outlines are available on request.
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