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Presenting with Power

Presentations offer opportunities to put all your communication skills on display – research, planning, writing, visual design, and interpersonal communications. Presentations also demonstrate your ability to analyze issues, handle questions responsively, and think on your feet.

With practice and feedback, participants can learn to give more compelling presentations.

Know Your Audience: Understanding your audiences' interests and expectations is an important part of preparing your presentation. Participants will learn to create an audience profile and use it to guide the presentation outline to organize information and data logically.

Create Effective Visuals: Bullet points that convey little information are too common and often ineffective. Participants will learn to incorporate graphs, charts, photos, diagrams, and table to convey key points.

Demonstrate Communication Skills: Participants learn the essential communication skills that effective communicators demonstrate to use verbal and non-verbal communications effectively, hold the audience's attention, present and answer questions with confidence, and use their presence purposefully.

Course objectives and outlines are available on request.
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